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The way to attract recruiters to you on Linkedin is to turn yourself into a valuable (and thus desirable) asset. As 94% of recruiters say they’re now using LinkedIn to find quality candidates, (Jobvite) there’s no time to waste.

Here are 10 tips you can use to get recruiters to contact you regularly on LinkedIn.

1. Leverage a unique Profile Picture & Banner

We all know by now that you should have a Linkedin profile picture and what that standard professional photo looks like. We also know everyone has a standard photo which means it no longer stands out.

To get noticed toss that visually uninspired rubbish and use a profile picture that is an authentic and unique statement of who you are and who you are becoming. That photo should NOT have mass appeal but instead resonate with the specific people you WANT on your profile.


2. Use your Name & Headline to communicate your unique value

Did you know you can immediately increase your perceived value by adding a prefix, middle initial & suffix to your name? According to the European Journal of Social Psychology, The display of middle initials increases the perceived social status of these people, and (it) positively biases inferences about their intellectual capacity and performance.”

Julius Holmes = Meh… Julius Q. Holmes IV = Is this guy a prince or something?

Subsequently, instead of using your Headline to display your job title, create a brief & unique statement that tells a recruiter or potential client why they should contact you over someone else.

Linkedin profile

3. Leverage Structure & Keywords in your summary section

Divide your summary into 4 sections: Brand Statement, Problem Statement, Solution Statement & Call to Action

Brand Statement should be a attention grabber that uniquely communicates your value & why someone should reach out to you.

Problem Statement should clearly communicate the problem you solve for your employers or clients.

Solution Statement must communicate specifically how you solve your employer’s or client’s problem.

Call to Action is a brief statement at the end of your summary that tells someone viewing your profile what they should do. Email you with open opportunities? Call you with speaking gigs? Set up an appointment for coffee?


Additionally, when recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn they use Keywords that relate to the position they’re trying to fill. If your profile isn’t strategically loaded with these words you’re probably getting missed by recruiters. 

Google multiple job descriptions of the career you want and sprinkle the terminology you find throughout your Summary.

Below is a job description for a Technical Writer position. I’ve highlighted some of the keywords I might use throughout my LinkedIn Profile.

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4. Let Recruiters Know You’re Interested in New Career Opportunities

A critical part of getting recruiters to contact you is to let them know you’re open to other opportunities. You can use your LinkedIn Profile to subtly let recruiters know that you’re interested in other jobs without alerting your current employer. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Go the the Jobs icon at the top of your home screen.
  • Click Preferences (since I’ve used this feature before mine says Update Preferences.)
  • Adjust the preferences to fit your needs and click Done at the very bottom. (Make sure you turn on the Let recruiters know you’re open feature.

5. Leverage job section for keyword optimization

Make sure each of your job sections are loaded with the keywords you identified in the last step. Next it’s critical that those bullet points are achievement oriented and optimized to communicate value. (Need help writing bullet points? Check out my article on modernized bullet point writing.) Finally, upload samples to your job sections to prove the results you’re claiming you create.


6. Add extracurricular activities to your Education section

In addition to using your Education section to display what degree you have, leverage it to communicate extra value. A full education section demonstrates you’re a leader who goes above and beyond so include all the activities you were involved with in school.


7. Get Recommendations and Endorsements on your LinkedIn profile

Social Proof is the idea that if other people say a product or service (you in this case) is great then that product or service must be great. Thus, it’s essential to have other people confirm your value as an employee through Recommendations and/or Endorsements.

How to get quality Recommendations and/or Endorsements in record time

Trade. It’s that simple. I got 10 recommendations easily by reaching out to my network and offering to write them one if they did the same for me. Who would turn down just a clear case of win-win?

8. Fill out your Accomplishment section

A full accomplishment section can attract major traffic to your profile. Get creative and use any blogs you’ve published, awards you’ve won, courses you’ve taken (even youtube course ;^), projects you’ve worked on at work or independently, and organizations you’re involved in to fill out this section.

Linkedin9. Share Relevant Content on LinkedIn Regularly

In order to standout on LinkedIn, you must demonstrate your value by creating and/or sharing content that helps others solve a problem. Many recruiters hangout in Linkedin groups where the professionals they recruit hangout so make sure to share your content in them at regular intervals


10. Steal from other LinkedIn Profiles

Don’t reinvent the wheel, if someone in your field has a lot of followers, tons of recommendations and traffic on their profile copy what works! Check out how they describe themselves and their experience, what media they’ve posted and use what’s applicable to you.

Why should you kill yourself studying for the test when the answer key is already out there? Search for your career title on Linkedin, review the first 3 profiles and steal the good stuff. (Make sure you’re not copying another profile word for word but using it as a reference point to get ideas for yours.)

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