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Recruiters on average look a Resume for just 7.5 seconds before deciding if you get an interview or not. These recruiters are often strapped for time and in a rush to fill an open position so Resume mistakes that slow down that process aren’t going to be received well. So without further delay I present…

28 Resume Mistakes Costing You BIG Time

  1. Not naming your Resume with some combination of your name and the role title. 
  2. Misspelling your email address
  3. Putting a wrong digit in your phone number. 
  4. Sending HR Managers a .pdf version of your Resume. 
  5. Using a generic career objective that sounds like everybody else’s.
  6. Not emphasizing the skills requested in the job description.
  7. Failing to include any software or methodology based skills in your Resume.
  8. Putting skills at the bottom of your Resume. 
  9. Not customizing your Resume for ICR = Industry, Company, Role. 
  10. Failing to put education, training or certifications you haven’t completed yet on your Resume. 
  11. Including your high school graduation date.
  12. Including your college graduation date (if it’s more than 5 yrs old).
  13. Having a Resume that’s longer than 2pages (Federal Resumes don’t count).
  14. Treating a Resume like a CV or vice versa.
  15. Using job descriptions as your bullet points.

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  16. Using a photo in your Resume.
  17. Using paragraphs or 3+ sentence bullet points on your Resume.
  18. Communicating what you DID rather than what you ACCOMPLISHED.
  19. Using a black and white Resume instead of leveraging a bit of color.
  20. Not effectively demonstrating your career progression.
  21. Not effectively demonstrating industry focus.
  22. Writing task oriented bullet points rather than ACHIEVEMENT oriented bullet points. 
  23. Using a Resume with unsophisticated formatting.
  24. Failing to leverage your leadership or volunteer experience.
  25. Using narrow page margins that push your text to subsequent pages.
  26. Having page borders on your Resume.
  27. Writing ‘references available upon request’ on your Resume.
  28. NOT downloading my free Resume Review Checklist 

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Download my free Resume Review Checklist to review your own Resume like a pro. Grab it by clicking here.

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