Julius of House Holmes, Fourth of his Name, King of Career Hacking & Lord of Resumes

Julius Q. Holmes IV is a Talent Development Trainer who specializes in Career Transitions, Modernized Resume Writing, Lifestyle Business Development & Technical Training. He studied Political Science, Business Administration and Electrical Engineering at Howard University before heading to JP Morgan Chase to pursue a career in Business Operations and Technical Writing.

After being extremely dissatisfied with Corporate America Julius began his ‘career exploration,’ resulting in multiple career changes as well as starting and loosing his first three companies in as many years.

These experiences ultimately culminated into the LordResume Training Programs which are largely based on techniques Julius personally used to accelerate his career and business along with those of his first clients.

Julius has had the privilege to work with countless professionals & organizations such as Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Howard University, Stepping Stone Scholars, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy, The DC Department of Health, the Project Management Institute and many others.

He is a passionate Trainer, award-winning Resume Writer & Business Strategist who’s published numerous articles, presented at several conferences for the National Association of Job Assistance Training, Power People Summit and the University of the Sciences where he was featured on NBC.

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What does LordResume actually do?

Career Advancement Training

LordResume is a training firm that works with both individuals, non-profits & corporate clients. It creates both online and live Career Advancement training programs designed to help the modern professional either transition to their dream job or develop the skills and know-how they need to advance in their current careers.

Our training comes in four different forms:

  • Modernized Resume Training: learn to write a modern Resume as well as additional strategies to supercharge your job hunt.

  • Career Transition Training: learn non-conventional techniques to quickly change careers without wasting $1000s & years on formal education.

  • Lifestyle Business Building: learn our proven (we used it ourselves!) and simple system to turn your side hustle into a 6 figure business.

  • Talent Development Initiatives: creating & delivering training strategy, content & facilitation for our corporate clients