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LordResume was founded in November 2015 by Julius Q. Holmes IV as an alternative to traditional Resume Writing Companies who relied on Resume Writing methodologies that no longer worked due to Applicant Tracking Systems & advances in telecommunications.

Since it’s founding LordResume has expanded to offer not only Modernized Resume Writing  Career Transition & Career Preparation Training as well. In a nutshell we create & deliver training programs to assist the modern professional in transitioning from toxic workplaces and career stagnation into new careers or Lifestyle Businesses without the need to waste thousands of dollars & years on formal education.

About Our Founder

Julius of House Holmes, Fourth of His Name, King of Career Hacking & Lord of Resumes.

Julius Q. Holmes IV is a Talent Development Trainer who specializes in Career Transitions, Modernized Resume Writing & Lifestyle Business Development. He studied Political Science, Business Administration and Electrical Engineering at Howard University before heading to JP Morgan Chase to pursue a career in Business Operations and Technical Writing.

After being extremely dissatisfied with Corporate America Julius began his ‘career exploration,’ resulting in multiple career changes as well as starting and loosing his first three companies in as many years.

These experiences ultimately culminated into the LordResume brand. The company’s training methodology is based on the techniques Julius personally used to accelerate his own career transitions while simultaneously building a successful Lifestyle Business.

Throughout his career as an Entrepreneur he has had the privilege to work with organizations such as Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Howard University, Stepping Stone Scholars, The DC Department of Health, the Project Management Institute and many others.

Julius is a passionate Trainer and award-winning Resume Writer who has published numerous articles, presented at several conferences for the National Association of Job Assistance Training, Power People Summit and the University of the Sciences where he was featured on NBC.

He believes strongly in a real-world, practical approach to communication which has deeply influenced his creation of the LordResume Brand. Mr. Holmes is a self-proclaimed Harley Davidson Sportster fanatic, naturalist, explorer and a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Inc.

“I just want to see you win.”


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