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The internet, social media, and new recruiting software have drastically changed how Resumes are written, found and evaluated. However, countless professionals continue to use Resume Writing techniques 10-20 years old. This negatively impacts getting a new job as well as getting promoted in your current position.

The main concepts you’ll need to accept before reading further are below:

  • Modern Recruiters are overwhelmed with countless applications so they have far less time to review each Resume.
  • Quite a few Recruiters are fresh out of college so they’re often not as familiar with senior level Resumes as you might expect.
  • Most Resumes are scanned by Applicant Tracking Software before getting to a Recruiter/HR Manager

In short, your Resume must communicate your value in a Concise, Easy-to-understand format that’ll rank well in Applicant Tracking Software. Here are the top 9 tweaks you can make to your Resume immediately to help you do just that.

1. Remove your full address

  • Recruiters no longer need your full address. As every single word should add value to your Resume, if it’s unnecessary it’s hurting you. Go on and remove that street address, all you need is your state, city and zip code.

2. Remove OR customize your objective

  • Objectives are outdated for a few reasons firstly, they’re often in paragraph format which Recruiters hate because they’re short on time and reading paragraphs is time consuming.
  • Secondly, your Resume should be so customized (relevant roles, skills, terminology) to a particular position that it’s obvious what your career objective is.
  • If you’re career objective ISN’T obvious (you’re trying to transition from the culinary industry to project management) then use a two line statement that clearly states that from the employer’s perspective.

3. Remove normal page margins

  • Normal page margins reduce the amount of space you have to write and push information to subsequent pages. Widening your page margins allows you to fit more information on one page so your Resume doesn’t pass two pages.
  • To widen your margins in Word just go to Layout >>> Move your mouse to the page icon and select the little arrow >>> next scroll down and select Narrow. (I understand how this might be confusing but as you’ll see below Normal page margins have a 1 inch margin while Narrow margins have a 0.5 inch margin. The 0.5 inch means your page is wider – which is what we want!)

4. Remove borders

  • Applicant Tracking Software is software staffing agencies and companies use to scan and organize your Resume because they get too many applications. Borders on your Resume can interfere with the software’s ability to properly scan it resulting in your Resume getting the boot!

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5. Remove bullet points in ‘paragraph form’

  • For the love of God…please stop doing this. As I stated above, Recruiters are short on time, thus all your achievements should be organized in a 1-2 sentence statement rather than a paragraph nobody wants to read.

6. Remove ‘references available upon request’

  • Every Recruiter or HR Manager knows she can ask you for references, there’s no reason to state the obvious here.

7. A standardized Resume

  • Your have just 6-9 seconds to convince a recruiter that you’re the best fit for the job, this is extremely difficult to do with one standardized Resume you use for all your job applications. Thus, it behooves you to customize your Resume for each role you’re applying to.

8. Black and white Resumes

  • The average job openings gets roughly 225 applications – can you guess how many are black and white? Most of them. Adding color to your Resume has been shown to increase engagement by as much as 80% by making your resume standout compared to all those boring black and white documents.

9. 3+ page Resumes

  • Again, Recruiters are short on time thus, summarize all your achievements in 1-2 pages for private section applications.

Here are some of the results I’ve gotten with the above strategies.

Resume Results


Sign up for my Free Resume Review Checklist here to make sure your Resume isn’t hurting your job search…


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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been doing most of this already, BUT I realized that I actually had normal margins! Lol. Changed that, but now I have to do a bit of reformatting.

    Also, I’ve never done borders, but now I know not to. Lol. Good article. I will use this for helping my students create or revise their resumes.

    • Julius Q. Holmes IV

      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad the article helped out, please dont hesitate to reach out if I can be of assistance in the future. Cheers!

  • Aurora

    I’m really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to get a nice blog like this one nowadays..

    • Julius Q. Holmes IV

      Hey Aurora,

      Thanks for reading, commenting and complimenting, I really appreciate 🙂 this is a paid theme but I did customize certain elements of it. Thanks so much for the report and I hope to keep you as a loyal reader. Have a great weekend!

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