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The ‘Cut the Crap Method,’ is an innovative interview tip used to condense your application into an easily digestible package. It can drastically increase interview rates because HR Mangers know immediately if you’re the right fit. (Developed by the ladies and gents over at A former Central High classmate shared her experience using this method which was the inspiration for this article. Not only did she land an interview within 24 hours but she also landed a job offer within the next week. So without further delay here’s the tea on the Cut the Crap Method.

Interview tip 1: Background info 

Most people are constantly  rushing these days recruiters are no different in fact, they look at your Resume for just 7.5 seconds on average before deciding if you’re getting an interview. This means a quick skim of your application must communicate that you’re the best choice for the job or someone else will be getting the interview. Thus, everything you send a HR Manager or recruiter must be concise, value-driven, and customized in order to be effective. The ‘Cut the Crap Method,” is another innovative approach to do just that. 

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What is it specifically?

The ‘Cut the Crap Method,’ is an awesome interview tip that combines your Resume, Cover Letter and Job Description Profile into a single word or pdf file. Most of you will already be familiar with the Resume and Cover Letter so I’ll skip those. The Job Description Profile is a two-column table with job requirements in one column and your matching skills, experiences and education in the other.

Here’s an example of Brittany’s Job Description Profile.

interview tip

This provides a concise way of showing how you fit the candidate profile in a quick snapshot. If they want to know more about other experiences, they can read the cover letter or full resume. I sent this, my cover letter, and my resume in one document and got an email for an interview the next day. Then I placed them all into a nice portfolio and got the job after one interview.” – Brittany Bronson.

You can contact Brittany for more information about this interview tip via her Linkedin.

Step by Step Summary…

If you’ve had issues getting an interview in the past consider leveraging the ‘Cut the Crap Method.‘ All you have to do is:

  • Take a great Resume (download my Resume Review Checklist to double check)
  • Compose a Cover Letter (checkout my Cover Letters Hacks here
  • Create your Job Description Profile (instructions above)
  • Attach all three in your online application (or send as an attachment) the next time you apply for a job

Not sure if your Resume needs work? Download my free Resume Review Checklist and find out!


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