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The Resume Writing Tips the Recruiters Wont Tell You

70% of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. Many people stay because they find it nearly impossible to switch into a career they’d love but don’t seem to have the experience for.

Here are 4 simple resume writing tips to escape a shitty job and land one that sets your soul on fire. 

“Oh you have swag? I bet that looks great on a resume.”

1. Your resume should be customized for the job you’re applying to

Your resume has just 5-7 seconds to convince a recruiter that you’re the best fit for the job, this is extremely difficult to do with one standardized resume you use for all your job applications.

  • Add the job title you’re applying for next to your name on the top of your resume i.e. Julius Q. Holmes IV | Executive Consultant
  • Applicant Tracking Software (robots that scan your resume before a recruiter sees it) eliminates roughly 75% of applications! Avoid being sent to the dreaded ‘no pile’ by adding keywords and industry terminology throughout your resume.
  • Reinterpret your experience. Get imaginative by changing some of your job titles to match the job you’re applying for if some of the skills crossover. For example; I’m a Technical Writer but I might change that to Content Writer in order to more clearly communicate I’m the best fit for a job . Just make sure you can back up any claims you make.
  • Remove unrelated experience. If you’re applying for an HR Coordinator role but you still have that Uber Driver job you did for a summer on your resume you look like an amateur. Instead follow the resume writing tips in step 2 to replace the irrelevant experience you remove.

Resume Writing Tips CV

2. On your resume, expand the definition of ‘professional experience’

One of the most important resume writing tips I’ve received is to write an industry specific resume.  If you want to change careers you might not have a lot of experience in that industry so you must leverage the applicable experience you do have.

  • Boost your appeal to employers by leveraging relevant classes from your undergraduate studies.  If I’m applying for a Technical Writing role I might display “Creative Writing 101,” on my resume.
  • Leverage volunteer experiences and organizational involvement to demonstrate skills relevant to the job you’re applying for and invaluable soft skills like leadership and teamwork.
  • Emphasize the skills of your current job that translate to the job you’re applying for. If you’re a Bank Teller trying to get into Human Resources then talk about when you traveled to a local college to recruit for your internship program.

3. On your resume, write ‘Achievement Oriented’ bullet points

After every bullet point you should ask yourself “so what?” I guarantee every recruiter is asking the same question. Write your resume from a perspective of what you ‘accomplished’ rather then what you ‘did’.

  • Demonstrate the impact your work has on the company by being sure to include achievements at the end of each bullet point.
  • Power words in your bullet points help you avoid using the same old clichés, demonstrate your engagement and increase your resume’s effectiveness by as much as 80%!
  • Verifiable achievements are huge! Countless job-seekers will write things like  “good team player,” …according to whom? How does the recruiter know your opinion of yourself is accurate? Instead bolster your bullet points by including as many numbers as possible!

The below bullet point shows impact, power words and verifiable results with supporting numbers

Directed 23 teams in testing 800 software upgrades & collaborated with IT Department to repair 400+ defects


4. Ensure your resume is formatted is awesome

Everybody knows that one spelling or grammatical error will automatically eliminate your resume from consideration. However, I’ve seen applicants fail to place the same amount of attention on consistent formatting.

  • Uneven margins and spacing, irregularities in text sizing and font usage can be deal breakers!
  • Additionally, just a touch of color has the ability to make your resume stand out in a great way (though I’d strongly suggest keep color usage to a minimum)

Transitioning into a new career can be a daunting experience but with these resume writing tips you’re guaranteed to drastically increase your odds!

Be fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Julius Q. Holmes IV is an Executive Consultant and founder of Career Ready Writing LLC

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